Wedding Photos

Lakeside Cottage B&B Mt Dandenong
The gardens can be booked for 2 hours to have your wedding photos taken anywhere in the 5 acres of gardens featuring a private lake spanned by a white bridge – big enough to take the largest wedding party.  The fountain ripples the surface of the lake and creates a sense of tranquility which is so welcome on the biggest day of your life.

The lake is spanned by a magnificent white bridge and has two large weeping willows swaying gently in the breeze; all framed by the Dandenongs and blue sky – creating the perfect backdrop for your wedding photos.

The island is accessed by a swing bridge with white chain hand rail, reflected in the water.

The cobble stone circular drive and 3 wagons with hay bales set the scene of yesteryear. Another Gazebo in the back garden is covered with roses at the end of a white iceberg rose walkway.

Deep pink roses cover the 20 metre rose walkway, with several rose covered arches.

The lake is fed with rain water and bore water and with pop up sprinklers we have green gardens and healthy plants through even the hottest summers.

Many trees and locations in the gardens allow for control over bright sunny days to enhance the colour and quality of your portraits. Playful shots using any of the 3 wagons, and many bench seats allow you to bring out your individual personalities for your wedding memories.

Photographers love the uniqueness of the gardens, which allows them to find something different every time they are here to provide you with truly unique photos.

All this at Lakeside Cottage Luxury B&B Mt Dandenong, close to Bram Leigh Wedding Receptions, Chateau Wyuna, Sky High and numerous other wedding reception venues.

This is the time and place to relax and enjoy being you.

Call us for recommendations. We are here to help.

2 hours garden hire for wedding photos


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